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Cover Art by  Dawn Grimes

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Cover Art: Dawn Grimes

Available from Amazon click book cover to see more

Available from Amazon click on book cover to see more

“SALVAGE TITLE” and “SALVAGE FLEET”  both available now. 

Harmon Tomeral finished in the top ten percent of his class at the Academy.  The top fifteen percent were guaranteed a slot in the local system’s space fleet, The Tretrayon Defense  Fleet.  For a man without substantial means, it was the only way to get into the depths of space.  It didn’t happen.  Because…politics.  He didn’t own a ship.  He couldn’t afford a ship, never mind the cost of registering one even if he somehow acquired one.   But then again…

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CYPRESS SPRING has a new album coming in October

There are several songs on the upcoming album that I had a hand in writing.  Stay tuned.  In the meanwhile, be sure to check the band out out on YouTube and on all the streaming sites.  If you like what you hear, purchase the download of the album, Denim.  I wrote the lyrics for a song on that one, as well.  See link below…

‘Bootleg Style” by Cypress Spring

A FREE short story is coming

I’ll knock one out this weekend just for those that visit my site.  I’ll even  change it out every now and then.  Come back often.

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I Write

I write books, songs, short stories, articles and reviews.  I blog, a little.

If you like Sci-Fi and Military Sci-Fi, then you just might like what I write.  I have a lifetime of reading Science Fiction and Fantasy books.  I have over twenty-one years in the military behind me.  I think I can use those experiences  and tell a good story.   That’s what we all crave.  A good story.

I am a lyricist.  I collaborate with other great song writers and musicians.  I can write any type of song.  Lately I have been writing country and country rap.  Yes, that is a thing.  It’s becoming huge.  The guys that I Road Manage, Cypress Spring have over 21 million views on YouTube, and double that in streams.  We tour all over the country.  The music is a blend of country, southern rock and rap.  If you are open minded…give them a listen.


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The book is coming.  I have submitted short stories.  I collaborate.  Shoot a message to me…

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